GreenDude is Jordon Davidson, a 40+ year old father of three living with his new partner, and love of his life, Vanessa Long, in Newmarket, Ontario.

Jordon is a Web Developer with Treefrog Interactive Inc. in Newmarket and helps his clients and co-workers make the internet a better and more productive place to be.

Active in politics, Jordon has been the Membership Chair for the Newmarket-Aurora Federal Green Party Association (who are always looking for new play online casino
members.) Although he has taken a more passive role over the past year to focus on his family.

Previously Jordon has worked in many fields, including as a part owner of Neptune Internet Services Inc. in Newmarket from 1996 – 2003. In 2004 he joined on as a partner in a new internet venture where he lends his web programming skills to the company’s projects.

Although he was on a sabbatical from posting from Feb ’08 to April ’13 Jordon remains become fascinated with the Blog phenomena, and has returned to, once again, take up the keyboard and let his opinions and insights loose on the unsuspecting world of cyberspace.

A special thank you to Mr. Glenn Hubbers, one of Jordon’s good friends who showed him the true potential of blogs in both renewing the voice of the populace and effecting political change.