Elect Chris Tindal in Toronto Centre

In case you didn’t know there are a number of by-elections scheduled foe March 17, 2008 across the country, and one of the most interesting races is in Toronto Centre. This is a riding that many Canadians may be familiar with, it is the former seat of past Liberal (interim) leader Bill Graham, and is now being contested by Bob Rae.

This by-election has an interesting dynamic given both its history and for who is running in this contest. Traditionally this is a Liberal safe seat (It has been Liberal since 1962) and that’s why Bob Rae is running here. However, with the NDP running a first timer, and the Conservatives running a party insider (They fired their previous candidate because he was too concerned with urban issues, imagine that, in the centre of the largest city in Canada, the nerve!) There is a real opportunity for Chris to become the first elected Green in Canada. All that needs to happen is for the voters to make that choice. Presented here are my top five reasons (in no particular order) for the electors of Toronto Centre to cast their votes for Chris Tindal.

  1. It’s a chance to make history. Face it, there is no other candidate that you can elect in this riding that will bring the country’s, and the media’s, focus on your riding. Electing the first Green MP in Canada is something you can hang your hat on forever.
  2. The only other viable candidate is Bob Rae! You remember Bob Rae right? Former NDP premier of Ontario. Are you really looking for that kind of leadership in your riding?
  3. Since the Conservatives have basically decided that they have no chance in the riding (as evidenced by the dismissal of Mark Warner) voters looking for a fiscally conservative candidate really have nowhere else to turn. If you want an MP who will look after your tax dollars responsibly, Chris is your man.
  4. The Environment is still the #1 issue for Canadian voters. If it’s yours, then the choice is really obvious.
  5. Frankly, with a full general election looming, this is a great chance for you to test drive the Green Party. It is eminately possible that Chris would be facing a new campaign in as little as one month. Which is to say, there is virtually no risk.
  6. (Bonus Reason) The election is being held on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day. What could be more appropriate than voting Green on the Day of Green?

So go ahead and make history Toronto Centre. on March 17 vote for Chris Tindal and the Green Party of Canada. You’ll feel great in the morning!

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  1. Chris Tindal says:

    Thanks Jordon! Keep it up. 😉

  2. James O'Grady says:

    All the Irish in Toronto Centre should be voting Green on St. Patty’s Day! Its just natural. :)

    Good luck Chris!

  3. Chris Tindal » It’s Different This Time… says:

    […] Jordon (aka GreenDude) provides his top five reasons to vote for Chris Tindal […]

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