Well, after some heavy duty humming and hawing I finally bit the bullet and bought a new laptop, the base MacBook Pro.

Small? check.
Expensive? check.
Better than all the lesser priced windows laptops combined? I sure hope so.

I’ve been a Mac guy for years (since University… ie. a really long time) and I have always preferred working on them, but holy geez are they ever more $$$$. But after going through 2 catastrophic failures of windows laptops in the past 4 years…

But the price! Man! Why can’t top quality and inexpensive ever co-exist?

Oh well, I console myself by knowing that I have an amazing computer, and I can use BootCamp to run Windows 7 (when it comes out) natively for the remaining programs (Quicken/Quick Books) that refuse to be properly available for the Mac.

Time will tell if I made the correct choice. (but I’m sure I did.)

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  1. Danick Benoit says:

    okay first of all i don’t care if macs are the most eco friendly computer mac just sucks to begin with. They run computers so much differently then windows. Even though windows gets more virus’s if u simply just bought the proper anti virus software then you’d be set. It probably cost less to buy a pc and the anti virus software in the long run that to by a brand new mac eco computer!

  2. Glenn Hubbers says:


    I don’t know who you are, but why the anger? Just saying “mac just sucks” adds nothing to the conversation and is, in fact, blatently wrong. And I would say the same to someone who says “PC’s suck.”

    I’m also wondering where in Jordon’s post the idea of “eco computer” came from that you decided to rant against? Reread it, it’s not there.

    I’ve owned both PC’s and Macs over the years and I’d venture to say, since the Mac comes preloaded with so much good software, that the total cost of ownership is fairly similar when you add it all up. I prefer Mac because I get to spend more time doing my work than trying to maintain the system, as compared with all the PC’s I’ve owned. But to each his own. Whatever.


    I’m curious why you decided on the MacBook Pro rather than the MacBook? More $$$ and I don’t really see the benefit, but perhaps I’m missing something? Nice machine though!

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