I’ve been labeled a lot of things in my life, tree-hugger, know-it-all, imposing, but the one thing I’ve never been called is “Right wing”. In fact, I’ve often been VERY critical of so called “right-wing” thinking. However, I’ve only really been referred to as “left-wing” by one person, in a response to my previous post on Poppy Irony, (actually he called me an anti-intellectual leftard, to be more precise.) It got me to thinking… where do I actually fit on the traditional Left/Right political spectrum.

For this experiment I decided to list my thoughts on various issues and see whether they were Left or Right.

  • Pro Social Safety Net: Left
  • Think Social Safety Net should be the last option: Right
  • Pro Gun Control: Left
  • Think gun crimes should carry very stiff criminal sentences: Right
  • Big Business can’t be trusted to do the right thing for Society as a whole: Left
  • Government can’t be trusted to do the right thing for Society as a whole: Right (but at least I get a say in who the government is!)
  • Believe in the Canadian Mosaic schema of multiculturalism: Left
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  • Think that schools still have the right to have Christmas Assemblies that actually mention Christ: Right
  • The environment matters and should be a key factor in all public policy decisions: Left (apparently)
  • The economy matters and should be a key factor in all public policy decisions: Right
  • That Stephane Dion may not be well suited to be PM: Right
  • That Stephen Harper is definitely NOT well suited to be PM: Left
  • That Jack Layton should never be PM: Normal

Basically I find myself pretty much in the centre of the political spectrum, although I suspect that my “progressive” feelings on social issues would take me over to the Left in the eyes of today’s Republican/Conservatives. (Gay marriage, fine; Legalise marijuana, good idea; Promote bilingualism, bien sûr)

I think that this blending of perspectives within myself is what led me to the Green Party in the first place. A party that looks at all ideas objectively and promotes the ones that fit with its fundamental ideologies. Good ideas are good ideas, no matter who first proposed them. Quite a break from the political system we currently have I think.

Political CompassFor fun I took the Political Compass quiz to see where I fit on it’s spectrum. Apparently I am a bit to the left, but comfortably near Gandhi. I can live with that.

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4 Responses to “”

  1. val says:

    Indeed, a choice between Ghandi, Hitler and Stalin, doesn’t seem to be that hard a choice. I love that Thatcher is more right wing than Hitler.

    Just let me know when the salt march is…

  2. val says:

    Actually, re-reading the Poppy comment, he didn’t call you a leftard, he called you an anti-intellectual commie. He called your reasoning skills leftard, which is actually a pretty creative word.

  3. Jordon says:

    Ah, yes. Another first for me, being called a commie!. I assume that leftard is an amalgam of “left” and “retard”, creative maybe, but the product of a very small mind.


    This left/right test thing is quite whaco, my views are so all over the place I get called loonie or radical from all political spectrums and yet I scored nearly dead centre, just marginaly libertarian left, not really where I figured I’d fit.

    That is very depressing, no one famous is ever a centerist. You gotta be wild and radical to be rememberednn1

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