Well, it’s official. Vanessa Long has chaired her final meeting as the CEO of the Newmarket-Aurora Federal Green Party Association. At yesterday’s AGM the membership elected Alison Sanzo as the EDA’s second CEO (I retained my position as membership chair, thanks for the vote of confidence guys!)

Vanessa LongVanessa has been the guiding hand of the EDA executive since the very first meeting at Aurora’s Purple Pig back in the summer of 2005, and she was the first person from the party that I met when she delivered my lawn signs for the 2006 election. Since then I feel privileged, not only to have had the opportunity to work closely with her in the EDA, but to have fostered a lifelong friendship with this amazing woman.

Vanessa has that rare mix of unmitigated optimism and relentless pragmatism that allows her to reach for the stars and then find the ladder she needs to get there. Top that off with a pretty smile and a wickedly dark sense of humour, and, well, I was hooked, (my wife jokingly refers to her as my “girlfriend”.)

I’m happy to see my friend moving towards her new (modest?) goal of taking over the world as an International Lawyer for the U.N. (the ladder is pretty long for that one!) But I’m equally sad to see her move away from Newmarket, to Toronto to be closer to her work and studies. Although if I really didn’t want her to move, I guess I shouldn’t have listed and sold her house!

We’ll all miss Vanessa’s wit and wisdom at the EDA meetings, and I’ll miss having her close by to bounce ideas off of, or to be able to pop out for a beer at a moment’s notice. However, I also know that the foundation that she laid for us at the EDA will serve us well to reach our new (lofty) goals, and that, even though she is no longer just around the corner that our frendship will remain strong.

So, au revoir Vanessa, je te souhaite tout que tu rĂªves.

You can follow Vanessa’s path to world domination at Passionate Presence

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  1. val says:

    *sniff* Thanks babe! For the support, the faith, and for selling my house in record time you hotshot agent you.


  2. shannon says:

    awww …

    (and, yeah, way to go with the selling of the house!)

  3. Glenn Hubbers says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, Jordon.

    Vanessa, we can’t thank you enough, and we’ll continue to try to make you proud.

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