The Honourable Member from York-Simcoe… Barney Rubble?

OK, I admit it, I love CPAC. Much to the chagrin of my wife and 3 kids, I spend a couple of hours a day (at least!) watching Canada’s Public Affairs Channel when parliament is in session. I think Peter Van Dusen is Canada’s best news anchor (sorry Lloyd.) and I especially enjoy question period.

I watch QP for the same reason that race fans watch NASCAR… for the crashes. Unfortunately these days QP has become a bit of a one man show with government house leader Peter Van Loan taking most of the opposition’s questions. Aparrantly the PM figures that it is much easier to keep on message when there is only one person delivering it. (I suppose that’s one way to avoid the problems caused by having both Gordon O’Connor and Peter MacKay giving different answers to questions on the treatment of Afghan detainees.)

Peter VanRubbleVan Loan is a perfect choice for this role. In fact both his demeanor and his responses give the clearest indication of exactly what the Conservatives think of both parliament and the people they are there to serve. Van Loan’s constant smirk and uncontrollable eyebrow raises give off the look of bemused indifference that can only come from someone who not only thinks, but knows, that he is better than you. And don’t mistake his seeming inability to actually answer a question for a lack of knowledge, he knows the answer, it’s just that no one else has enough security clearance to hear it.

The Canadian Press has also noticed Mr. Van Loan. In a recent article they liken him to Barney Rubble. I couldn’t resist.

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