You’ve got to stand for something

…or you’re gonna fall for anything.

Watching Stephane Dion dodge the land mines Stephen Harper has laid out for him keeps that John Cougar song playing in my head.

For the second time this session Dion’s Liberals have abstained on a vote in the House in order to avoid triggering an election. It’s an interesting strategy. Trading looking like a completeley ineffective opposition for time to rebuild the party, and the ability to pick the precise issue on which to take down the governement. Risky, but maybe the right play, and it’s driving Stephen Harper nuts.

For those remaining few who might actually believe the Conservative rhetoric of “we want to govern” consider the following: Harper is currently getting everything he wants done policy wise, since the Liberals are refusing to stop them. If he really wanted to govern he should be happy. He’s not.

Harper desperately wants to go to the polls, hoping to capitalise on a weak Bloc Quebecois and a Liberal Party in disarray. Unfortunately for him, the passing of Bill C-16 means that he can’t call an election until Oct. 19, 2009. So the PMO has instructed Conservative MPs to attack the Liberals for failing to vote, trying to goad them into toppling the government.

Dion, however, is going to have to pick his battlefield, and soon. Continuing to avoid an election has the nasty side effect of allowing more and more time for the Conservatives to take us farther down the path away from sustainability, sound fiscal policy and real justice for all Canadians.

For the sake of the country, I hope M. Dion knows what he is doing.

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