Not a One-Issue Party

The constant knock I hear on the Green Party is that we are a “one-issue” party. That issue, of course, being the environment. It’s an easy mistake to make, after all the word “Green” is right there in our name. However as more and more people take the time to actually look at what the Green Party stands for a slow realization is occurring. The Green Party has a full platform including policies on justice, health care, and economics, to name a few.

The latest public figure to come to this realization is Brent Fullard, President and CEO of the Canadian Association of Income Trust Investors. Mr. Fullard and members of his group were demonstrating on Parliament Hill yesterday on the one-year anniversary of the Conservatives breaking their election promise not to tax income trusts. In an interview with CPAC’s Martin Stringer when asked who his political allies were, Mr. Fullard had this to say:

Well the Green Party. I spent a lot of time with the Green Party, with Elizabeth May, and that’s the woman I have great respect for, having now learned how she bases her policy decisions on fact. The Green Party is supportive of rescinding this tax.

There it is. The Green Party bases its policies on FACT, not on public opinion polls, not on political expediency, not on the advice of the Bush Administration, but on facts, plain and simple.

For those out there who still confuse the underlying principle of sustainability which permeates all Green Party policies with being a “single issue” party, I encourge you to read Vision Green, our fully costed, comprehensive policy document which, hopefully will put an end to this misconception once and for all.

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