Thank God Somebody is Doing Something

“British Columbia is teaming up with European Union countries and U.S. states in an international effort to fight climate change.” the CBC reported yesterday.

In the absence of leadership from Canada’s “past-the-best-before-date” Government, B.C. premier Gordon Campbell has signed his province on with the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP).

According to Campbell:

“We believe that if we co-ordinate the development of our cap and trade system with the European system, with the Norwegian system, and with the system in the northeastern part of the United States, we build a larger marketplace, we build consistency and stability over the long term for this and it’s a critical component of us reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gases globally,”

Good for him! Just because Mr. Harper has no intention of helping to fight climate change, doesn’t mean that the provinces need to follow suit. In fact, California, Maine, New Jersey and New York were also signatories to the initial Political Declaration released from Lisbon on Oct. 29, 2007

ICAP exists to create facilitate a global framework allowing individual Carbon Markets to learn from each other with an eye to combining them worldwide.

Where was Canada while this historic meeting was taking place? According to Environment Minister John Baird in question period today (Oct 30, 2007), “Mr. Speaker, the Government of Canada was represented at the meeting by our ambassador in Lisbon.” When pressed by Liberal member John Godfrey as to the ambassador’s capacity and on the Conservative’s inaction on climate change in general Mr. Baird replied:

Mr. Speaker, we sent a senior representative of the Government of Canada, the most senior representative in the country to be part of these meetings. I look forward to meeting Premier Campbell to-morrow to learn more about these exciting things.”

Apparently “the most senior representative of the Government of Canada” has not bothered to brief the Environment Minister on the talks since he has to wait to meet with Mr. Campbell to find out what went on!

It is clear, the Conservative government has no intention of doing anything on the climate file. It is up to the rest of us to do what is right and advance Canada piece by piece towards meeting our Kyoto targets.

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