Unable to get a meeting with NDP leader Jack Layton via normal channels, Green Party leader Elizabeth May took the opportunity to buy a dinner with Mr. Layton and his wife, MP for Trinity-Spadina, Olivia Chow at the recent Press Gallery dinner reports the Toronto Star.

Mr. Layton auctioned off the dinner to raise funds for a Carlton University scholarship in the name of the late Dennis Buecker, a “close friend” of Ms. May.

May is hoping for “an open-ended discussion about what we could maybe do to ensure that Harper loses the election,” when she sits down to dinner with Mr. Layton.

This could prove to be one very awkward dinner for Mr. Layton if, as progressive blogger politiquevert writes earlier today:

…[Ms. May] plans to invite Liberal Leader Stephane Dion and his wife, Janine Kreiber, as her guests.

What I wouldn’t give to be at the next table for that dinner!

Apparently Mr. Layton is already laying the groundwork for chickening out as The Chronicle reports:

A spokesman for Mr. Layton, Karl Belanger, did not sound keen on the May-Dion-Layton dinner.

“We didn’t talk about who this person might be,” he said. “She won the auction, so we’ll see, but co-ordinating the schedule of three leaders . . . two leaders is already tricky. Three leaders could be even more tricky.”

Come on Jack, suck it up and enjoy a nice evening out. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to Ms. May on more than one occasion and have found her to be quite engaging.

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