Being an MP sells more cars?

This has bugged me for a long time and I think that it deserves a public airing.

Wajid Kahn Copyright House of CommonsMost Canadians will be familiar with the Honourable member from Missisauga-Streetsville for his much publicized “crossing of the floor” to the Conservatives on Jan 15, 2007. However; to those of us who live in the GTA Mr. Kahn is better known as the owner of a local Mazda dealership.

So what is it about Mr. Kahn that bugs me? That he is a successful businessman? No. That he crossed the floor? No. (for the record I have no problem with MPs crossing the floor when they feel that their party no longer reflects their views. It is permissible within the current rules of the House so it is fine by me.) So what then?

What really bugs me is that Mr. Kahn continues to do radio ads for his dealership, Dufferin Mazda, (you know you were going to look it up yourself anyway Wink) while he is a sitting MP!

At least once a month I can hear Mr. Kahn, along with local radio personality Gord Stellick shilling for Dufferin Mazda on Toronto sports station the Fan590. Truth to be told I have always enjoyed M. Kahn’s spots. He is charismatic and sincere. In fact he is somewhat of a celeberty on the Fan. Morning man Don Landry does a spot on impression of Mr. Kahn and every year they have a Wajid Khan impression contest. When Mr. Kahn was first elected, as a Liberal, they created many funny bits called “Wajid and Ken (Dryden) in the House … of Commons.”

Now when Mr. Kahn was sitting as a Liberal he stopped doing the radio ads, leaving the job to his eldest son who also works at the dealership. But since his switch to the Tories he has returned to his former glory entreating listeners to “Come on down and fill your boots” at Dufferin Mazda.

I had always understood that when one becomes an MP that his personal holdings are put into a blind trust so as to avoid any conflicts of interest while performing their duties in the House. And it should go without saying that advertising for ANY business while one is an MP should be completely out of the question.

I’ve brought this subject up with local Conservative candidate and National Council member Lois Brown on two occaisions and both times she agreed with me that it was not right that Mr. Kahn was advertising for his business while he was a sitting MP. When I pressed her to see if she could do something about it she said that it was a matter for the ethics commissioner and that there was nothing she could do personally.

So here is my solution. I encourage everyone to click on the following link which will bring up a ready made letter to the ethics commissioner asking her to look into the matter. Please remember to add your name to the bottom of the email.

To the Ethics Commissioner re: Mr. Wajid Kahn

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