Greens take Bronze in Newmarket-Aurora

Election hangovers being what they are, it’s taken me 4 days to sit down to write about the campaign I had the pleasure of working on.

First let me give my congratulations to first time candidate John McRogers. John stepped in at the eleventh hourĀ  because he felt that having the GPO run a non-local candidate would be, “disingenuous.” John is a great guy who does a lot for the community and he has a smile almost as big as his heart.

I had the pleasure of meeting a number of new people who, like me, jumped in to help because they simply could not sit by and do nothing. Captain Bill on signs, John Uppington on finance and Maryam Nasser on communications, without your great work and dedication the historic results of this campaign simply would not have been achieved. Thanks also to the many volunteers and donors who supported John with their time and money, things that a successful campaign simply cannot do without.

I think that John’s success in achieving 3rd place in Newmarket-Aurora shows that Ontarians are quickly coming around to the Green way of looking at the issues, and an understanding that the traditional parties simply don’t have the answers we need.

Outside of setting record highs for votes cast (4281) and percentage of the vote (9.4%), the campaign also saw another big first, coverage by the local paper, the Era-Banner. To even get coverage in a paper that traditionally only concerns itself with incumbents, is one thing, but to have large stories printed about you is huge. Today’s paper features John and his wife in the upper right corner of the front page and has a full quarter-page devoted to his success on page 9.

Congratulations once again to John McRogers and a big round of applause to all the residents of Newmarket-Aurora who voted Green. I look forward to thanking even more of you after the upcoming federal election!

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