Leadership Matters

According to the Toronto Star, John Tory has sent an email to “tens of thousands” of Ontario PC supporters encouraging them to vote against MMP in tomorrow’s Ontario referendum. In the email he claims:

It is felt that the alternative proposed system known as MMP will increase the influence and power of the political party and its leader while decreasing the independence of MPP.

Apparently Mr. Tory feels that under MMP that he, as a party leader, could not be trusted to run his own party in a fair and democratic manner. This is just one more John Tory gaffe in this election. The first was following Newmarket-Aurora candidate Frank Klees suggestion to fully fund faith-based schools across the province. A move which has led to disasterous results for the party and will likely lead to his own electoral defeat in the the riding of Don Valley West.

Ironically Mr. Tory has run this campaign on the slogan “Leadership Matters.” I agree, and this is precisely the leadership that Ontarians don’t need. I encourage everyone to vote tomorrow, both against your local anti-democracy “John Tory Candidate” and for MMP.

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