No Party Hacks in MMP

According to this article on the Vote for MMP site we are finally able to put to rest the ridiculous assertions that political parties would use party lists as a means to reward party loyalists and friends of the leader.

Dalton McGuinty, Premier: “We are committed to choosing all of our candidates through a democratic and transparent process. We are pleased that our party attracts people from all walks of life and we will continue to work to ensure our party reflects the diverse and multi-cultural nature of Ontario. … And we remain committed to further improving the prospects of women candidates running for our party in the future.”

John Tory, Leader, Ontario PC Party (National Post, September 25, 2007): “The Conservative leader went on to say that if the referendum passes, his party will likely find a democratic way to develop its list of candidates: ‘The history of our party is that the party insists on choosing its candidates democratically.'”

Howard Hampton, Leader, Ontario New Democratic Party (Ontario Today, CBC Radio, September 26, 2007) “We believe we should nominate the at-large candidates according to a very democratic process. We would want to ensure we have more women, more visible minority candidates, more First Nations candidates…a lot of people who make up the Ontario mosaic.”

Frank de Jong, Leader, Green Party of Ontario (GPO press release, September 27, 2007): “Democracy extends to choosing candidates in a transparent and equitable manner…We are committed to using a transparent and equitable process to produce a slate of qualified Green candidates who accurately reflect Ontario’s diverse population.”

Only Mr. Tory leaves some ambiguity in his party’s intentions by using the phrase “most likely”, but I’m sure that the PCs will use a democratic process. Unless, of course, they really don’t want any party votes in the next election.

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