Why Faith-Based School Funding is on the Agenda

I’ve read an awful lot of commentaries wondering why on earth John Tory would ever have decided to make Faith-Based School Funding an issue in the upcoming election. On the surface it seems like a sure fire way to lose party support given, that the majority opinion of Ontarians are against the move. Well, it turns out that we have Oak Ridges MPP, Frank Klees to thank.

According to Susanna Kelley of TVO’s The Agenda Mr. Klees ambushed newly crowned PC leader John Tory with a meeting between himself and a group of Jewish supporters from Thornhill.

Suddenly, … the media message greenandgoldcasino coming out of the conference was casino funding for faith-based schools, not at all what Tory and his supporters had originally planned.

Mr. Klees lobbied continually for this to become part of the party platform over the next two years.

If Newmarket-Aurora is looking for someone to be held accountable for this particular Conservative policy… Frenk Klees is your man.

Read the entire article “Frank Klees’ Ambush and Funding for Faith-Based Schools

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2 Responses to “Why Faith-Based School Funding is on the Agenda”

  1. val says:

    Dude! You have a blog?! Why didn’t you say something. I am so stealing this post!

  2. Natalia says:

    they just don’t care .That’s the problem, right there. Animals don’t vote, crinag animal type people are too busy crinag for their animals And politicians go for the money, every single time. Animal welfare isn’t going to make them any money.WE WILL CUT YOUR TAXES! That works.Maybe if animals could cut people’s taxes, they’d have a chance.As it is, ignoring the problem has worked well for the government so far.It’s hard work, and expensive, and terribly time consuming, crinag for, and about, animals. Lobbying should be done by people in the Humane Organizations. Oh, wait, no, the Humane Orgs tell US how to lobby. But they do not lobby, themselves.I still do not know why.

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