An Open Letter to Frank Klees

Dear Mr. Klees,

It was with great interest that I read your campaign advertorial in the Sept. 28th Era-Banner in which you outlined your objections to the proposed MMP system of voting brought forward by the Citizens’ Assembly.

You contend that the Citizens’ Assembly, “did not consult broadly enough, nor was it objective in it’s approach.” In fact the Assembly spent 3 months studying, in depth, both the current Ontario electoral system and the electoral systems used by other democracies around the world. Additionally they spent 4 months in consultations with the public, holding 41 public meetings across the province, reading written submissions and undertaking both special and community outreach. Over 3000 Ontarians communicated their views with the assembly. I fail to see how the Assembly failed to be objective, or that the consultations were not sufficiently broad.

You go on to say, “I strongly object to the concept proposed under the MMP system … under which 39 people would be appointed to the legislature by their Parties rather than be directly elected. These so called “List Members” will have the same rights, privileges and responsibilities as an elected MPP, but will be accountable only to their Party bosses. This is not democracy as I understand it.”

Firstly, list members would not be “appointed” by their parties. Both the people on the list, and the process the party used to create the list, will have to be made public well in advance of the election date. Voters will have the same opportunity to scrutinize the list candidates as they have to scrutinize their local candidates. If a voter doesn’t like the chosen candidates or the process by which they were selected then casino they simply do not vote for that party, in exactly the same way that they do not vote for a local candidate whom they do not support.

On accountability; the list members, rather than being accountable to only the people in their local riding, are, in fact, accountable to the people of the entire province, since that is where their votes come from. If a list MPP fails to do an acceptable job in the legislature and still appears high on the party’s list in the next election voters can simply choose not to support that party with their vote.

Will they be any more beholding to their party than locally elected MPPs? I doubt it. In our legislature whipped votes are the norm, individual MPPs are generally forced to vote with the party lest they face demotion from cabinet, censure or even expulsion. Finally, of course list MPPs would have the same rights, privileges and obligations as locally elected MPPs, they were elected by the voters too after all. This includes the obligation to carry out their legislative duties with the best interests of the citizens of Ontario in mind.

Is it democracy as you understand it to allow the voice of the majority of Ontarians to go unheard? Is it truly democratic to have a majority government that receives a minority of the votes. Clearly not.

You assert that since list members, “get appointed according to the percentage of popular vote, [this] will open the door to multiple parties having one or two seats and will result in perpetual minority governments.” Perhaps it will, (although colaition governments are more likely, ) but if that is the will of the people then so be it. The legislature is meant to be a representation of the populace. If the populace wants a minority government with representation from many parties, then that is what it should get. That is what democracy is all about. Our current system supports false majorities and increases regionalism. MMP seeks to remedy that by making all votes count equally regardless of where they come from in the province. More importantly, any government that receives a clear majority under MMP can truly say they have a mandate from the people to implement their programs.

Using Italy as an example of how an MPP elected government would work (or not) is a bit specious. Why not look at the examples of Germany (very stable governments over the past decades) or New Zeland which has sucessfuly run under MMP since 1996.

I am truly surprised that you take the Premier to task for not expressing his own view on the issue. Surely you can understand, having been a government member in the past, that the Premier must remain publicly neutral on any referendum question. Support on either side of the question could bias the results. In fact, it is my supposition, that if Mr. McGuinty had taken a public stand on the referendum that you, and other politicians, would have slammed him, (and rightly so,) for using his position to influence the voters of Ontario.

Now, lest you think that I am in complete disagreement with you, we find common ground on this point: “We need to empower MPPs to truly represent their constituents rather than to simply puppet Party lines. Members must be given the freedom to vote according to their conscience, and to carry out their responsibilities with dignity and respect.”

Fixing the electoral system to accurately reflect the will of the people is only the first step. It is up to those elected representatives to work together to raise the bar for conduct in the legislature.


Jordon Davidson
Constituent in the Riding of Newmarket-Aurora

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26 Responses to “An Open Letter to Frank Klees”

  1. Kam says:

    Asking an agency that is in the bessnuis of housing and adopting out strays and unwanted animals, to police other agencies doing the same thing is like asking a police officer to investigate allegations against her or himself. It quite simply put is a conflict of interest. If the SPCA is to be the enforcement branch of the government when it comes to animal welfare, they must be simply that, an enforcement agency. This would mean that they would no longer be allowed to house and adopt out animals themselves but would exist solely to handle enforcement in animal cruelty cases, ALL cruelty and animal abuse cases.If the SPCA is to continue to rescue, house and adopt out animals then a new enforcement agency must be formed which also polices the actions of the SPCA. The way the situation currently sits in Canada the SPCA has no oversight of themselves. They are above the law because they are the ones doing the investigating. This is why they felt perfectly justified in making the decision to kill 350 animals due to ringworm (a treatable condition) in their Newmarket, Ontario shelter quite recently. No one could question their actions, because they were the top of the food chain as far as animal welfare in Canada is concerned. We have only to look to this incident to see why oversight of the SPCA is necessary in Canada.

  2. Danny says:

    Accountability and transparency have never been in the OSPCA vacubalory but then those are not qualities found in the McGuinty government either; the OSPCA has never been subject to freedom of information and has never acted like the charity it is supposed to be, except in the area of non-stop fundraising and duping the publc and donors into believing that they are actually there for the animals; not only oversight but a total re-working of the OSPCA Act are long overdue.

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    by Benjamin Franklin. Your account of being inspired to be in bed by 9pm, as suggested by Serge Benhayon, certainly backs up this common sense idea for improving one’s health, Jane.

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