Well… That’s Professional

So, I’m surfing around some political websites and I decide to check out some of the competition. First on the list was the NDP (the party I used to support until their economic policies turned me away.)

Nice site, very professional, great graphics, well done New Democrats.

For the fun of it, I thought I’d look in to see if they had got around to nominating a candidate in Newmarket-Aurora. The first step was to plug in my postal code to get to the riding and… ooops, my postal code is not linked to a riding. Hmmm. So, I click on the map and bring up all of the Ontario ridings and select Newmarket-Aurora from the list. Nope, no candidate yet, but they do have an active EDA with a link to their website. Since I designed and implemented the first site for the Green Party EDA around here I thought I’d take a look to see what we are up against locally. Click the link and WTF!!!!

What comes up is a bizarre rant against the Conservative Party and Stephen Harper that is childish at best and patently offensive. It even includes a list of all of the ridings in Canada and tells you who to vote for in order to best defeat the Conservatives in the next election. (Apparently the constituents of Wild Rose should vote Green, but not in Central Nova.) I wonder if Mr. Layton has any idea?

The site in question is called www.ndp4me.ca but is just a redirect to regressiveconservative.electricgenesis.org. Check it out for yourself to see what I mean; and point directly to this kind of infantile behavior the next time anyone accuses the Greens of not being a “serious” political party.

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36 Responses to “Well… That’s Professional”

  1. glennhubbers says:

    Nice catch Jordon! I hadn’t looked at this site in quite some time.

    I just did a “Whois” on ndp4me.ca and came up with the following name, in case any of your readership wants to contact this guy about lack of taste.

    Derek Seabrooke
    96 Haileybury Drive
    Toronto ON M1K 4X5 Canada

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