About Strategic Voting

I hate so-called “strategic voting“. The idea of voting for someone I don’t agree with in order to prevent someone I don’t agree with even more from winning seems patently absurd on its face and strikes me as pretty undemocratic.

Strategic voting is an awful lot like a “prevent defence” in football (the only thing a prevent defence prevents is… winning!) Both the Liberals and NDP have promoted strategic voting in order to stop Stephen Harper and his big, bad, Conservatives from gaining power. How’d that work out for you?

A full accounting of one stratecic voting mandate comes from the anti-Conservative site masquerading as an official NDP EDA site regressiveconservative.electricgenesis.org. This site actually contains a list on how to vote strategically to keep Conservatives out of office. Interestingly, since this is on an NDP site, it doesn’t advocate voting NDP in all ridings. Instead, it appears that someone has taken the time to look at each riding and figure out which party stands the best chance of winning other than the tories. My guess is that they opted for the status quo in non-Conservative ridings and used the runner-up party in the others.

Based on their tally, and if every seat went the way they suggest, the final seat count is:

  Liberal NDP Bloc Green
Alberta 19 9   1
B.C. 17 19    
Manitoba 8 6    
N.B. 9 1    
Nfld. 7      
N.S. 7 4    
Ontario 93 13    
P.E.I. 4      
Quebec 12   62  
Sask. 4 10    
Territories 2 1    
Totals 182 63 62 1

So this is the Legislature that one NDP EDA suggests in order to thoroughly defeat the Conservatives through Strategic voting eh? An overwhelming Liberal majority, a near dead heat between the NDP and the separatist Bloc Quebecios and one lone seat to the Greens.

Once again, this is an NDP EDA saying this is the legislature they want! Strategic voting indeed.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the only strategic voting that works is to vote for something, rather than against something else.

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